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FIA airport staff involved in stealing passengers data

Islamabad: Director of the agency’s cybercrime told Wednesday the Parliamentary Committee that apart from travel agencies, employees of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) airport also stole travel data used by passengers. What is involved in

Afzal Butt told the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication that when the passengers were stolen from Umrah passengers, the airports of the airport also used to sell passenger details on the black market. Are also checked for.

He said that one of them is behind the bars, the second bail has been granted and the third is on the guarantee of jail.

The committee’s registration and blocking system received by the FIA ​​and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for the registration of mobile devices and the misuse of passengers’ data Was meant to register for mobile phones.

The committee said that theft information and travel documents such as passports and ID cards that require to register a mobile phone are being used to unlock the unconventional market in the open market.

PTA has shared more than 45,000 incidents of passengers’ identification with the FIA ​​for legal action. Mr. Butt told the FIA ​​that the FIA ​​had requested the FIA ​​until the FIA ​​could work.

The Committee also objected the absence of IT Minister Khalid Maqsood Siddiqui and IT Secretary. Members have said that committee meetings have been a minor exercise in the past for the past.

“I lead a committee where the IT Minister was invited five times and was not absent at all times,” Central Muhammad Tahir Bizzjojo said.

An alien item raised by Center, Mir Kabir was postponed until he was present till answering the IT minister’s questions.

DIG BS also comes under criticism, as well as the members of this country, instead of the facility, it has been called a disturbance and obstacle to the backdrop of their mobile phones.

“The phone-prevention system is depressing and funny. It is the only country in the world where everything is difficult for citizens every day and the anger around their neck is always strong. Committee chairman Senator Robin Khalid Said that this system has failed to stop the smuggling of mobile handsets.

Senator Rehman Malik reminded Senator Khalid that he has the power to suspend the system. He further added: “This is an incorrect system and should be removed completely.”

The Federal Board of Revenue officials (FBR) reminded the committee that, on 1 July, the only phone call from Pakistanis to travel abroad cannot be found free of charge.

In response, the PTA chairman Amir Bukhoo protected the DBB, saying that the legal import of this mobile phone is more than two times.

He said: “The PTA has the ability to identify and trace 100 pcs and to reach its source and how traffic documents have been stolen. PTA can re-enter a mobile handset. Which has been disconnected using incorrect information? ”

When the meeting started, the centers prayed for Deputy Customer Customs Quetta Dr. Abdul Quds Sheikh. Sheikh smuggled smugglers in Quetta and killed and died due to his death two days ago.


FIA airport staff involved in stealing passengers data

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