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Daniel Desmond “Etika” Amofah Confirmed dead | Etika Full Story & History

800,000 YouTube followers, famous gaming Youtuber, Daniel Desmond “Etika”, died at age 29.

The New York Police Department confirmed Tuesday that a body was found in the evening of June 24, which has been identified as an affirmative positive. When they were disappeared from June 1, 19, authorities also included their mobile phones and identities, including finding and recovering their goods. A dangerous video to their assets will be “Sorry,” following the following video, which Amphah posted to his secondary YouTube channel. In this video, which has already ended, he talked about his mental health while walking through the trick. He expressed similar views in previous public statements like video and tweets in the last eight months.

Popular YouTuber Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah found dead. YouTube gaming star Desmond “Etika” Amofah dies at 29. Famous YouTuber Desmond ‘Etika’ dead in New York.

Etika Born: May 12, 1990
Etika Disappeared:  June 19, 2019 (aged 29)


Daniel Desmond “Etika”


The New York Police Department said today, Dunon Amau, a popular YouTube personality, known as Erica, who created the Nintendo Center videos. NYPD was looking for Amom because, after the video that was discussing suicide thoughts after a video missing the weekend last week, they disappeared.

NYPD first June 20 confirmed Impha’s disappearance after almost eight hours after Impha uploaded eight minutes of video for his secondary YouTube channel, TR1Icaneman voiced suicide thoughts. This video was later removed from YouTube’s violation of the company’s Community Guidelines. After that, other people have been uploaded again. Later the police searched for amphibious equipment near the Manhattan Bridge on Saturday night, as reported by the New York Post.

Amo, who largely follow YouTube on their own Nintendo Static Streams and videos, has long publicly struggled with intelligent health problems, but during their last 10 months, their behavior and their behavior related to the YouTube community have promoted their behavior. Amoo uploaded his YouTube channel in October 2018, according to which YouTube leaders were clearly violated while commenting on their channel was “dead time” when commenting.

In April, Ama issued a stand with the New York Police, which was pointing to several wrong tights, including a picture of herself in a gun. The New York police told Kotto that the “ammunition” was a “suicide threat” in the apartment and had a history of mental health problems. He later took a Burkina hospital. In May, Amha attacked a police officer and entered a local hospital according to fellow stream and former girlfriend Elice Pika.

YouTube and Twitch communities members tried to reach their personal and public because they disappeared. Daniel “Camster” Kim asked Tweet to ask for help from YouTube’s creator.

Kim told Tweet: “Listen to Man If you can see it right now, please know the Internet that you are alive.” “Yes, some people will be mad but trust me, more and more people will be happy to know that you are alive and safe.”

Over the last few days, Twitter fans confirmed that Twitter helped them in these years and how much YouTube did the YouTube community. Daniel Desmond “Etika” shared videos of Amofah, and fans on Reddit posted the stream of their favorite memories. On Tuesday, a tweet from official YouTube creators’ account sent “condolences with their loved ones and fans”, adding that the company mourns the loss of immovable. The follow-up tweet has registered a transaction line. In which others had to face a mental health struggle.



Etika joined YouTube in 2012 and immediately named herself to post an extraordinary gaming response video. Before his YouTube days, he worked as a model. His fans introduce themselves as “Sharon boys” after the beginning of the Nintendo switch, one of the most famous videos of Etika.

In their finals, before the excluded video, Amau removed and supported the “Conscious” support from a supported community from the Internet. “My stories are such that they take very careful advice from social media.” “It will fuck you and give you a picture of what your life needs.” Unfortunately, she used me. ”

The affluent friends and gaming and YouTube community members expressed their mental health concerns in the past and seen these weeks overnight a week.

Impa’s death was confirmed after the NYPD, “AKA Etika” became Twitter’s top trendy theme worldwide when its followers mourned. Many of her followers have changed the name of “Sharon Boyz” to her profile as well.


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